Social Events

IMG_3068 IMG_3152 IMG_3122Social events are a big part of what Carrera Region does together each month.  These are low-key, low stress events solely for the purpose of hanging out together and visiting with friends.  Sometimes a social event will be held at a public venue or restaurant, while other events will be hosted by a Carrera Region family at their home.

Please see the club’s Google calendar for all club social events.  To view the Google calendar, simply hover over the word “Calendar” and then click.  You will be taken directly to the latest version of the club’s calendar.  You can easily print the entire calendar from there, if you wish or if you already use Google Calendar, you can import Carrera Region events into your own calendar.

IMG_2847 DSC02324 DSC01314If you have ideas or suggestions for events or event venues, please contact the club’s Social Chairperson via the “Contact us” link on the home page.  If you are unable to leave a voicemail, please email the  Be sure to provide your name, contact number, and a quick synopsis of your idea or suggestion in your email message.

Please remember, PCA is a family-friendly club.  Events and gatherings only occur at “G-Rated” venues or locations.  Carrera Region PCA will not attend, host, or sponsor events at venues, theme-type restaurants, or other locations that exploit gender, race, religion, etc. Please keep that in mind before submitting a suggestion.  When you do submit a suggestion, please be ready and willing to help make the event successful by volunteering!

We hope to see you at a social event soon!