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Please send all email correspondence or requests for information to: — include the name of the person with whom you would like to correspond.

President – Teri Talamantes

Vice President – Andres Morales (appointed)*

Secretary – Jackie Harper (appointed)*

Newsletter Editor – *vacant*

Treasurer – Thorsten Gehrmann

Driver’s Education Chairperson – Lenny Loftin

AutoCross Chairperson – Lenny Loftin

Senior Driving Instructor – Bill Walker

Membership Chairperson – Lenny Loftin

Safety Chairperson – Bill Walker

Tour Meister – Andy Medley

International Liaison – Andres Morales

Region Activities Coordinator – Lina Mariana Terrazas

Marketing and Advertising Chairperson – Teri Talamantes

Sponsorship Chairperson – *vacant*

Social Chairperson – Chuck Vickrey

Facebook Page Moderator – Jackie Harper

Parliamentarian – Bill Walker

Region Historian – Fran Walker

Webmeister – Dan Thomas

Past Presidents – Dan Thomas; Dede Rogers; Lenny Loftin; Fran Walker; Bill Walker

*Appointed positions are in accordance with Carrera Region’s Bylaws pursuant to Article V, Section 2 and Article VIII.