The Carrera Star

After a long sabbatical, Carrera Region now has a wonderful fully digital newsletter created by our brand new editor, Matt Cole.  Matt graciously stepped up and has accepted the tremendous responsibility.  The newsletter can be downloaded and printed or you can contact Matt to request a hard copy via snail mail.  If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Matt directly.  If you have photos you’d like to see published, send them along with a brief caption, to Matt.  If you have a Porsche-centric or club-related story you would like to share, send it to Matt.  We will try to publish all proper and relevant content in upcoming editions of the Carrera Star.

Please keep your comments and feedback positive and remember Carrera Region members, this is YOUR newsletter.

To view, click on the first page to load the newsletter into your browser.

All photos, stories, written text, and ideas sent to Matt with the intent of being published in the Region newsletter become the property of Carrera Region PCA, Inc.  All rights reserved.

Carrera Region PCA newsletter editor: Matt Cole