Event Registration


Carrera Region PCA utilizes the comprehensive services of MotorSportReg.  It is very easy to search for events or register for an upcoming event.  Click here to view their website.

MotorSportReg is one of the most successful online motorsports-oriented registration services on earth.  It is easy to use.  Once you arrive at the MotorSportReg homepage, simply follow the instructions; input your zip code and set the search parameter to the distance you prefer, usually 240 miles or more, to ensure you include all of Carrera Region’s footprint.  Then, select the event you would like to attend.  Follow the registration instructions and you are on your way!  If you ever need help registering for an event, don’t worry, simply contact one of the Carrera Region officers for assistance.  See you there!

Click the link (below) to view a calendar of events listed on MotorSportReg.com that are scheduled to occur within 240 miles of El Paso.  They are listed in chronological order:  click HERE to view.

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