Track events – HPDE and AX

IMG_3089Carrera Region and PCA Zone 9 High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) and Auto Cross (AX) events occur all throughout the year at various racetracks, parking lots, and motorsports parks all across the country.

Many of our members are “track junkies” and spend a tremendous amount of time preparing their racecars for track events.  Some of our members simply like to feel the exhilaration of driving their street car on a closed-course environment where Porsche trained and experienced driving instructors are on-site and in-car to provide instant feedback to make every second of your track time safe, valuable, and fun.  There is something for everybody at a PCA track event.  For a heads-up on all of the things Carrera Region has going on, be sure to check our Google calendar for upcoming events and activities or send an email request for information to

Carrera Region only publishes and provides details for the events that occur within the Zone 9 footprint, which extends from the Big Bend area of Texas to the Arizona border and North to the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Zone 9 is a massive area, which is why we only publish events within our Zone.  All Porsche Club of America DE and AX events can be viewed on the PCA website at ““.

IMG_3081  IMG_3103Carrera Region’s Driver’s Education and Auto Cross track events events are found easily on the club’s Google Calendar, which is accessible from the Home page.  Events on this calendar will often appear with little advance notice.  Some scheduled events may not occur if the minimum registration numbers are not met in a sufficient amount of time prior to the execution of the event.  This is sometimes necessary to preclude the club from paying fees and penalties.  Carrera Region posts events, updates to events, and changes on the club’s webpage and on Facebook at “Carrera Region“.

Carrera Region’s AX and DE Chair sends “blast” email announcements to our members.  The only email addresses we use are those found in the PCA national member registry.  Please ensure your email address is accurate in your profile on the PCA national website.

Announcements will be sent to our members-only email list ahead of time and later published on Carrera Region’s homepage and Facebook page.  Check both locations often for updates and possible adjustments to dates, times, or cancellations.

Once a DE or AX event schedule is approved for publication, a message will be sent to our members first.  Then, after a predetermined time has passed, the announcement will appear on our website and Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding our track events, please contact Carrera Region’s DE and AX Chairperson, Lenny Loftin, via the “Contact us” link on the homepage.

See you at a track event soon!